Get Access to Dictionary Data in 50 Languages

With Lexicala API, you can easily access rich
monolingual, bilingual and multilingual lexical data
from our quality dictionary resources, which are used
by our partners to serve millions of users worldwide.

Why Choose Lexicala?

Search by criteria to get specific linguistic details, or obtain full dictionary entries
including definitions, examples, multiword expressions, translations and much more.

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Our resources span across 50 languages, featuring 25 monolingual sets with hundreds of bilingual pairs and numerous multilingual combinations.

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Well-structured data in JSON, JSON-LD, and XML formats, used in commercial solutions and for academic research.

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Easy and flexible search  for monolingual, bilingual or multilingual semantic, syntactic, grammar and pronunciation details.

More Than Dictionaries

Whether you are developing an app or conducting research,
here are some examples of what you can do with Lexicala API:

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Language Learning and Games

Seamlessly integrate our data in your dictionary and language learning apps, games and word puzzles.

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Apps and Software

Make use of our numerous language pairs for translation, localization or lemmatization for your app or service.

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Research, NLP and AI

Our lexicographic data is useful for AI training, NLP applications, language research and development.


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50 daily calls

Access to all languages

Non-commercial use 

No caching 

No credit card needed

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$100 per month

100K monthly calls

$0.001 each extra call

No caching (for caching, contact us)

Premium support

Lexicala API FAQ

We provide data for 50 languages, including the major world languages as well as minor ones. The full language list is available on the documentation page.

We provide data for 50 languages, including the major world languages and some minor ones, e.g., English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Dutch, Russian, etc. The full language list is available on the documentation page.

Our data include extensive semantic, syntactic and grammar information about words and multiword expressions, including pronunciation, alternative scripts, inflected forms, sense disambiguation, definitions, examples of usage, domain and register classification, diverse semantic label s such as synonyms and antonyms, as well as translation equivalents, and more.
Please check the full details in the documentation.

You can test Lexicala API with up to 50 free calls per day. Our premium plan costs $100 per month for 100K calls (and $0.0001 for each extra call). If you require more extensive usage, or have other ideas in mind, please contact us to discuss your needs and get a quote.

Once you have signed up for a Lexicala API account through RapidAPI system, you can start making calls. You should integrate the API into your code, which is done separately from the Lexicala API website. You can also view the requests in your browser by entering your query into the address bar.

Please refer to the guidelines on how to start making calls to the Lexicala API in the documentation.

The data you obtain from Lexicala API may not be stored locally (cached) for any purpose. However, if it is required for your specific needs (such as in offline cases), you are welcome to contact us directly to discuss. Together, we can better understand your needs and devise solutions how to cater to them. In most cases, you would be able to purchase the data in the form of XML or JSON (or JSON-LD) files for direct integration into your system without our server calls. This option may prove to be more efficient and, sometimes, also more economical.


Lexicala is recognized and valued by partners and associates around the world.
Read more about some of these partnerships and on Lexicala’s contribution.


11-partner consortium funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Rsearch and Innovation program (No. 780602) and led by Universidad Politecnica de Madrid.

LT award

Lexicala (K Dictionaries) was awarded the LT-Innovate Award, distinguished “The Best In Language Technology”, at the Language Technology Industry Summit 2019.


17-partner Consortium funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program (No. 731015) and led by Institut Jozef Stefan, Ljubljana.

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